The Laptop Yogi

Web Design & Content Marketing for Fitness Professionals


I'm a yoga teacher. I'm also a freelance marketing and web design consultant, and I understand just what it feels like to spin multiple plates when you're growing a business in the fitness industry.

That's why I've created The Laptop Yogi - providing affordable, beautiful websites and online content to help yoga teachers and fitness professionals promote their work - without costing a fortune.

While you want to focus on nurturing your students, developing your own practice and knowledge, and expanding your teaching horizons - having a website is essential for the contemporary yoga teacher's marketing arsenal.

And though it can seem easy enough to create a website yourself - it's often the last thing on your to-do list, after planning classes, scouting studio spaces, organising workshops (and maybe squeezing in some essential practice time!).

You'll find a clear choice of packages that are designed specifically for yoga teachers. Whether you're simply looking for a starting point to launch your new career, or want an informative portal to grow your student base, there will be an option that's just right for you and your budget.


Profile photography: Drishti Yoga Photography

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